Thursday, 24 November 2016



The repeated lose and gain in the weight of an individual as a result of dieting is called as YO-YO DIETING or WEIGHT CYCLING. Yo-yo dieting is very dangerous as it even leads the individual to death often. The main mechanism under yo-yo dieting is that “when a person is taking controlled diet to lose the weight then, his/her body metabolism (which converts the food we eat into energy) gets slow down and the result is that there will be decrease in the person weight and later when he/she stops to take controlled diet and started to eat normally then we observe weight gain” and this process continues.

This is an activity which is the reason for causing many health problems such as coronary artery disease, muscle loss, type 2 diabetes and increases the secretion of hormone cortisol which is responsible for causing various heart diseases and cancer. Recent studies are saying that the people with yo-yo dieting are mostly attacked by the heart diseases when compared to the ones who are in the stable weight whatever their weight is and the risk of death is nearly 66 percent than normal weight people.


If there is an intension to lose weight then try to get habituated to do the physical activities instead of dieting and have a healthy body. 

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