Thursday, 17 November 2016




Overweight is a condition of a body which refers to person who has additional fat i.e., above considerable level. People with overweight face many problems in their daily life. Various causes of overweight are intake of junk foods, sudden decrease in drinking alcohol and smoking, lack of exercise and various medications etc., Overweight also causes many health risks such as diabetes, stroke, obesity, various kidney & heart diseases and other short/long term diseases. We observe people taking many measures like doing different exercises, yoga, meditation, taking specific diet and so on.

In order to decrease the difficulties faced by the people with overweight, our scientists invented a new methodology.  “Stimulation of vestibular nerve present in our body decreases the overweight”. The vestibular nerve is located just behind the ears and its function is to carry sensory information related to body equilibrium to the hypothalamus (portion of brain) which controls the body fat storage. The stimulation of the nerve is done by headset through which the electric current is passed. This technique keeps the body away from storing the fat. This session was taken by an individual four times a week for an hour and this reduces the overweight and keeps the body healthy.

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