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Mars is an essential focus in the look for life outside Earth, and water is the most vital pre-imperative forever. In any case, a group of global specialists has found that Mars is inconceivably dry, and has been that route for a huge number of years.  "Researches demonstrate that more than three billion years prior Mars was wet and livable. Be that as it may, this most recent research reaffirms exactly how dry the earth is today," said Christian Schroder, Lecturer at the University of Stirling in Britain.

"For life to exist in the ranges we examined, it would need to discover pockets far underneath the surface, found far from the dryness and radiation exhibit on the ground," Schroder, who is additionally science group colleague for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity mission, noted. The revelation, distributed in the diary Nature Communications, gives imperative understanding into the planet's present surroundings and shows how troublesome it would be for life to exist on Mars today. Utilizing information from the Opportunity mission, the researchers inspected a group of shooting stars at Meridiani Planum - a plain only south of the planet's equator and at a comparable scope to Gale hole.

The scientists figured a substance weathering rate for Mars, for this situation to what extent it takes for rust to frame from the metallic iron present in shooting stars. This compound weathering process relies on upon the nearness of water. It takes no less than 10 and perhaps up to 10,000 circumstances longer on Mars to achieve similar levels of rust arrangement than in the driest forsakes on Earth and indicates the present-day extraordinary aridity that has persevered on Mars for a large number of years, the study said. A study distributed a year ago, which utilized information from the Curiosity Rover exploring Gale pit on Mars, recommended that extremely salty fluid water may have the capacity to gather in the top layers of Martian soil overnight.

"Be that as it may, as our information appear, this dampness is considerably less than the dampness introduce even in the driest places on Earth," Schroder clarified.

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