Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering


Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering is an international, open access, peer reviewed Journal publishing original research & insights in all the related fields of Biotechnology & Bioengineering. Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering covers major departments including but not limiting to biotechnology research and bioengineering in industrial sector such as agricultural biotechnology, molecular biology, food and beverages industry, textiles industry, biological products, medicines and pharmaceuticals while on the other hand this branch of science that caters to the requirements of agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and environmental conservation. Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering provides a new platform for all researchers, scientists, scholars, students to publish their research work & update the latest research information.

Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering is a broad Open Access peer reviewed scientific journal that covers multidisciplinary fields. We provide unbounded access towards accessing our literature hub with colossal range of articles. The journal aims to publish high quality varied article types such as Research, Review, Short Communications, and Perspectives (Editorials).

Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering supports the scientific modernization and enrichment in Anatomy research community by amplifying access to peer reviewed scientific literary works. Austin also brings universally peer reviewed member journals under one roof thereby promoting knowledge sharing, collaborative and promotion of multidisciplinary science.

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